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A very CJ night.

Tonight I had a very domestic-CJ night, and I kept thinking of you and wishing you would somehow miraculously appear online so I could share it with you... but you did not, so I shall share it here.

Tonight I made the most WONDERFUL matzoh ball soup with a box of mix I found in the closet, and I added some spinach leaves and chopped celery. It could have used more celery, 'cause I adore celery in soup, but it was fantastic. Afterwards, since I have the house ENTIRELY to myself, I nabbed a hunk of cheese and opened a bottle of Merlot and just ZENNED with some people over AIM with the Travel channel on in the next room talking about haunted tourist spots. Now I'm bouncing around catching up on mail and frields lists and things, being generally constructive, I have a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen, and I've just been thinking of you tonight.

It's been a long time since we had a proper talk, and I really miss connecting with you. As odd as it may seem, I don't feel as if we've gotten distant from each other. I still feel as if I'm right there beside you, just like always. Only we're back-to-back now instead of walking the same way. It's nice. I'm meddling in my clockworkings and feeling your shoulderblades stretching and arching, like places where wings ought to be, and I can tell you're in your groove and it's all good, and whenever you break stride, I'm right here, and all you need to do is let one hand fall to your side, and I'll be right there to hold it for a bit.

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