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CocoaJava's Kick-Ass Lentil Soup

I am totally loving Ms. CocoaJava's Kick-Ass Lentil Soup, which she created from scratch, by hand, from her culinary imagination, using only ingredients found in her own kitchen, with nothing up her sleeve (except for some bits of uncooked oatmeal that decided to take the phrase "sowing your wild oats" literally, leapt right out of the oatmeal container and headed for places where no oatmeal has gone before).

Not sure of all the ingredients, but it has some of our homegrown carrots, plus a mess o' celery, onions, garlic, brown lentils, two small potatoes and the tail end of a small beef roast (at my suggestion) for extra body. In fact, speaking of body, this stuff is so dark and wonderfully thick it could qualify as a stew.

So *woots* to CJ who really cooks!
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